About US

Who I Am?

I am Sonya, owner and curator of Dvel 72. My love for fashion led me to open an online boutique. My desire for cute, stylish, budget friendly fashions and the guidance of a good friend...Hey Cindy...I was introduced to the world of resale...and from that Dvel 72 Resale Fashion was born. I am now able to curate beautiful pieces to offer at great prices. You truly can look and feel fabulous on a budget. It brings me great joy providing quality items at a fraction of retail prices!


Fun Facts!

~If you cannot tell already, I love black and white. For me it's timeless and classic. I have ALOT of black in my closet.

~I am not led by labels, if I like it, I buy it and I wear it. High end/middle end/low end I can make it all work for me.

~Although I am a true introvert I host Live sales on Facebook featuring some of my fabulous finds. Follow @Dvel 72 on Facebook and Instagram for notifications of Live sales.